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1Player is a free multimedia player that supports many multimedia formats
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1Player is a powerful multimedia file player that enables you to watch videos and listen to music files in a really convenient manner. It can also play multimedia DVDs (movie DVDs), VCDs, SVCDs, audio CDs, or the music and videos from online sources (streams).

This powerful tool can load and play a large variety of formats, including all the popular ones like MKV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MP4, and so on. 1Player comes packed with a lot of features, functions, settings, and built-in tools, being a very comprehensive and powerful player. It can handle subtitles and playlists and it even provides support for advanced options that the majority of other players on the market don’t provide, such as, for example, color adjustments and effects or thorough deinterlacing settings.

As can be noticed in its “settings” window, this tool is either based on the popular VLC Player or simply has the same icons for the menu entries. Though its official page doesn’t mention any connection between 1Player and VLC Player, the first option is still the most plausible one. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that 1Player is nothing but a rip-off. It looks and feels original and I’m sure plenty of users could find the reasons to prefer it to the original VLC Player. It’s really easy-to-use as well despite being very comprehensive and feature-rich.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports a lot of formats
  • Very comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Free


  • Quite similar to VLC Player, which it also seems to be based on
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